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Apr 2, 2020

To make it through quarantine, we take another look at digital games in a time when it might just be our only option. We've got to get our board game fill somehow! We investigate how our relationship to the electronic side of the hobby has changed, and give our recommendations for the many options. Before we plug in, we talk about Remember Our Trip, Castell, and Caylus 1303.

01:58 - Remember Our Trip
08:16 - Castell
14:45 - Pipeline
15:44 - Caylus 1303
18:40 - Caylus
26:18 - Voicemail from Isla
28:57 - Digital games in quarantine
37:30 - Cthulhu Wars
38:12 - Bärenpark
42:29 - BGB Digital Game Night!

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