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Jun 4, 2020

Once loved board games will often circle back into the limelight with reprints, but we're also starting to see a lot more get remasters and remakes too. We take a look at this trend, and discuss some re-imaginings our favourite board games, whether it's a full on new version, or just a new coat of paint. Before we re-re-re-repeat, we talk about Cities: Skylines, Colorful, and Maharaja.

03:29 - Cities: Skylines
08:25 - Colorful
15:36 - Maharaja
25:36 - REmasters, REemakes and REimaginings
29:13 - Brass: Lancashire and Brass: Birmingham
31:04 - Kemet
32:53 - Caylus and Caylus 1303
34:31 - Terra Mystica and Gaia Project
36:22 - Through the Ages and Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
37:22 - Dune
40:30 - The REsistance

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