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Jul 23, 2020

Monique from Before You Play is with us to get heavy. We're discussing the allure of heavy games, and who better to talk us through them than a Vital Lacerda fan who loves to not just play them, but teach them? We dig into why we enjoy the occasional heavy game, and why you should too! Before we play, we talk about DURIAN, Animal Kingdoms, and Brass: Birmingham.

02:01 - Introducing the Lavender Tank!
10:03 - DURIAN
16:25 - Animal Kingdoms
23:40 - Brass: Birmingham
31:45 - Heavy Board Games
42:13 - Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
43:46 - A Feast for Odin
46:02 - 18XX
47:42 - On Mars
52:07 - Escape Plan
54:49 - Lisboa
55:32 - Vinhos Deluxe Edition
56:38 - Archipelago
1:04:04 - Scythe

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