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Feb 11, 2021

Look, when we made those resolutions in episode 105, how were we to know? The world exploded, and here we are, one year later, sheepishly looking back on the goals we set. But we're not beaten yet, we cast our minds forward (always forward, never back) and set our sights on our resolutions for 2021. Before we make promises we definitely will keep, we talk about Sprawlopolis, Bandada, and Terramara.

02:15 - Sprawlopolis
09:06 - Bandada
13:53 - Terramara
23:51 - Revisiting 2020's Resolutions
27:09 - 2021 Resolutions
31:05 - Cthulhu Wars
36:14 - Anachrony: Infinity Box
37:29 - Import/Export
38:31 - Carnegie
40:05 - Rising Sun
40:52 - Tainted Grail
44:44 - Board Game Barrage Facebook Group!
45:44 - War of the Ring: Second Edition
46:42 - Red Rising

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