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Jun 17, 2021

Because making board games is hard, it's not enough just to have some solid mechanics - the best games have a production that coheres with the design. We look at some examples of games where production considerations (or lack thereof) have helped or hurt how they play. Before we executively produce, we talk about The King is Dead: Second Edition, Equinox, and Enchanted Plumes.

01:48 - The King is Dead: Second Edition
10:15 - Colossal Arena
10:15 - Equinox
22:06 - Enchanted Plumes
32:40 - Production and design
34:33 - Bunny Kingdom
35:35 - Smartphone Inc.
36:40 - A Study in Emerald (Second Edition)
37:50 - Railroad Ink
42:30 - Nidavellir
44:45 - Mountain Goats
46:26 - Red Rising
47:58 - Scythe

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