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Sep 16, 2021

While one of the appeals of following a specific game designer is the comforting familiarity of what they do best, it’s also really fun to see them go off the garden path. We’re looking at games and mechanics where one of our beloved designers zigged, when they easily could’ve zagged. Before we go our own way, we talk about BiosphereThe Ratcatcher: The Solo Adventure Game, and Stephenson’s Rocket.


01:46 – Biosphere
10:58 – The Ratcatcher: The Solo Adventure Game
19:10 – Stephenson’s Rocket
30:51 – Neilan’s at Gen Con!
31:42 – Designers “Zigging”
33:03 – Codenames
33:07 – Pictomania
35:25 – El Grande
35:36 – 6 nimmt!
37:25 – Blood of the Northmen
37:54 – Strasbourg
38:25 – FlowerFall
40:37 – Kitchen Rush
42:19 – Mercado de Lisboa
43:02 – Age of Steam Expansion: Portugal
46:51 – XCOM: The Board Game

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