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Jan 31, 2019

Objectivity is a nice goal, but what does it mean for board game criticism? Are there elements of board game design that we can have factual conversations about, without invoking our personal biases? We debate this in the only way we know how. Before we start shouting, we talk about Hyperspace, Gùgōng,...

Jan 24, 2019

Sometimes you're not looking to win or lose, you're looking for an experience. A lot of games promise to deliver thematic gameplay, but what does that mean for the mechanics? Does it have to be one without the other? Before we set the mood, we talk about Nusfjord, Paper Tales, and Nemesis.

03:25 - Nusfjord
09:43 - Paper...

Jan 17, 2019

We throw back to our very first episode, with our biggest surprises and disappointments of the year gone by. 2018 was a year of highs and lows, but sometimes you just don't see them coming. The difference between expectation and the final product is what this week's episode is all about. Before we gaze back wistfully,...

Jan 10, 2019

Top ten, baby! We finally made it. And thus concludes our five part series of our favourite games of all-time. Frankly, we were changed by the experience, and will never be the same again. We hope you were too.

01:35 - Kalen #10 - Coloretto
03:30 - Mark #10 - True Colors
06:15 - Neilan #10 - Dominion
09:28 - Kalen #9 -...

Jan 3, 2019

The end is nigh! If you squint just right you can see it from here. We're almost done counting down our favourite fifty games of all time, so join us in the penultimate part of our five part series.

01:20 - Mark #20 - Caverna
03:18 - Neilan #20 - Archipelago
05:49 - Kalen #20 - Fuji Flush
07:43 - Mark #19 - Troyes