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May 12, 2022

With the middle of the year rapidly approaching, we've acquired our fair share of games that we're really itching to play. We talk about what's recently made its way into our collections that we just can't wait to get to the table. Before we break out the back scratchers, we talk about Ivanhoe, Freshwater Fly, Vindication, and Cryptid: Urban Legends.

02:23 - Ivanhoe
09:13 - Freshwater Fly
17:11 - Vindication
24:22 - Cryptid: Urban Legends
37:36 - Games we're itching to play
38:40 - Dead Reckoning
41:04 - Gloomholdin'
44:18 - Mille Fiori
46:29 - Foundations of Rome
49:57 - Innovation
51:31 - A Feast for Odin
52:17 - Biblios

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