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Jul 14, 2022

Ambie Valdés, from the excellent podcast Board Game Blitz, joins us to talk about family games, and possibly also the Fast and the Furious franchise. Ambie actually has kids, so might know a little more about this than the rest of us. Kids love Vin Diesel. Before we edutain, we talk about Savannah Park, Cryptid, and Stroganov.

04:43 - Savannah Park
11:26 - Cryptid
17:51 - Stroganov
27:11 - Family games
29:55 - Tidy Up!
33:01 - Wingspan
38:03 - Ticket to Ride
40:04 - Flash Point: Fire Rescue
41:39 - Let's Catch the Lion!
43:05 - Qwirkle
43:29 - Gulo Gulo

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