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Mar 30, 2023

Board games are great! Mostly. But as great as they are, we've probably all had a moment where, through no fault of the game itself, things got uncomfortable. Whether it's because of an awkward play, or just particulars of the group dynamic, we look back at some of our most uncomfortable moments. Before we enter the discomfort zone, we talk about Dog Tag Trick, Deal with the Devil, and Yokai Septet.


01:46 - Dog Tag Trick
10:01 - Deal with the Devil
19:44 - Yokai Septet
27:53 - When games make you uncomfortable
33:48 - The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine
39:34 - Pictionary
40:42 - Fauna
41:27 - Inhuman Conditions
43:11 - Praise

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