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Apr 6, 2023

I mean, I don't know. Before we do whatever, we talk about Circle the Wagons, El Gaucho, Roller Coaster Rush, and Applejack.


01:48 - Circle the Wagons
07:49 - El Gaucho
14:58 - Roller Coaster Rush
19:05 - Applejack
25:34 - What do I do with old campaign games?
25:48 - Frosthaven
25:48 - Gloomhaven
27:47 - What board game product would improve my gaming?
30:50 - What are good miniature games for people who don't like miniature games? 
31:53 - For What Remains
33:12 - Are there modern classics of the war game genre that you would recommend?
34:48 - What are some good, one shot TTRPGs?
37:05 - What do you have to do to get heavier games played?
39:50 - Which games would be perfect for us that we've never mentioned?
41:02 - The big question

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