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Apr 13, 2023

Good storytelling isn't easy, and board games seem to struggle with it especially - which makes the ones that do pull it off, all the more memorable. We delve into the ways that games can engage us and create lasting experiences through stories. Before we spin a yarn, we talk about Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Artisans of Splendent Vale.


01:36 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
18:13 - Artisans of Splendent Vale
29:51 - Storytelling in games
30:40 - Gloomhaven
34:44 - The King's Dilemma
36:59 - Mansions of Madness: Second Edition
37:40 - Eldritch Horror
37:49 - Dead of Winter
38:44 - Phantom Leader
40:31 - Undaunted: Normandy
41:00 - Freedom: The Underground Railroad
43:34 - This War of Mine: The Board Game
47:23 - Return to Dark Tower
47:34 - Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
47:59 - Sleeping Gods

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