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Jun 22, 2023

After much consternation at his exclusion from our Mount Rushmore of games, we've decided to honour legendary designer Sid Sackson elsewhere - a BGB Designer Spotlight! I think these used to be called BGB DOGs but even Mark forgot about that bit of branding. Oh well. Before we make amends, we talk about Magicalligraphy, Hamlet: The Village Building Game, and Tournament at Camelot.


01:33 - Schedule update
03:11 - Magicalligraphy
09:30 - Hamlet: The Village Building Game
19:48 - Tournament at Camelot
27:56 - Sid Sackson
30:14 - Piggly Wiggly
32:16 - High Spirits with Calvin and the Colonel
35:54 - Bazaar
39:28 - Focus/Domination
40:20 - I'm the Boss!
41:18 - Can't Stop
42:48 - Acquire

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