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Nov 9, 2023

Uh oh, is that thunder? That must mean it's time for a lightning round - we're scooping up all the lovely questions and suggestions that just aren't big enough for the main event, and stuffing them in the blender. This week, it's public spaces, warning labels, gaming tips, and PAX Unplugged. Before we put fingers on buzzers, we talk about Gift of Tulips, Five Three Five, and Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods.


01:36 - Gift of Tulips
10:20 - Five Three Five
16:52 - Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods
32:08 - How American society affects board gaming
39:54 - What are we excited to play at PAX
40:26 - Stationfall
40:56 - Blood on the Clocktower
41:30 - The Great Zimbabwe
41:50 - Pax Porfiriana
43:40 - Roads & Boats
44:49 - Warning stickers on games
48:22 - Hot gaming tips

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