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Nov 23, 2023

In what could be our most grandiose episode yet, we attempt to tame the wild history of all of board games. We traverse the timeline, unpacking what we consider to be the great epochs of the hobby, in an attempt to explain how modern game design evolved into its present form. Before we unpack the deep lore, we talk about General Orders: World War II, Oak, and Big Boss.


02:36 - General Orders: World War II
11:47 - Oak
20:24 - Big Boss
31:20 - The great epochs of board games
31:45 - The First Epoch
33:17 - The Royal Game of Ur
34:37 - Senet
43:23 - The Second Epoch
44:50 - Monopoly
48:11 - Risk
50:29 - Operation
56:23 - The Third Epoch
57:22 - Catan
1:02:33 - Dominion
1:20:19 - The Fourth Epoch

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