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Apr 18, 2024

Sometimes a game has a conceit so good, that it's the only description you need to sell someone on it. Let's call it the hook. Do all games have them, or is it something that only a certain subcategory of game can get away with - and why don't they all just print that on the box cover? Before we get the hook, we talk about Havalandi, Courtisans, 12 Chip Trick, and Dune Imperium: Uprising.

02:55 - Havalandi
11:25 - Courtisans
18:59 - 12 Chip Trick
26:10 - Dune: Imperium - Uprising
41:09 - Games with a hook
41:34 - Of What's Left
45:05 - Everdell
47:09 - QE
47:28 - 12 Chip Trick
48:09 - A Feast for Odin
52:25 - Skull

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