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Dec 5, 2019

It's getting close now, can you feel it? Or are you just feeling sore from the game you just lost? We're talking sore losers and sore winners: people who are hard to be around when they lose or win a game. What can you do to avoid being that person, and what games bring out the worst in us? Before we fight our feelings, we talk about Paris: New Eden, Glory to Rome, and No Swap No Pay.

03:35 - Pipeline
06:29 - Paris: New Eden
14:54 - Glory to Rome
20:36 - Mottainai
22:48 - Innovation
24:14 - No Swap No Pay
32:09 - Sore Winners and Losers
37:00 - The Resistance
41:50 - Cthulhu Wars
42:54 - Cosmic Encounter
45:46 - Detective Club
46:13 - Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
48:16 - Archipelago

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