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Sep 30, 2021

There is one unenviable truth of board game ownership that we're forced to contend with - they occupy space. We've each had to wrestle with this reality in different ways recently, so we offer our thoughts on the awkwardness of sharing a physical world with our board games. Before we merely exist, we talk about Riftforce, Kabuto Sumo, and Whirling Witchcraft.

02:23 - Riftforce
11:38 - Kabuto Sumo
19:41 - Whirling Witchcraft
23:25 - Bullet♥︎
23:45 - Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne
29:37 - So Very Wrong About Games charity fundraiser
30:05 - Ghost Turkey 2021
31:49 - Board games occupying space
45:28 - Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
48:06 - Inis
48:47 - Scythe
49:06 - Splendor

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