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Jun 16, 2022

While we tend to enjoy games across the whole spectrum, there's something particular about sinking your teeth into a really heavy game. But it's not always an easy prospect; conditions have to be just right. So what makes a heavy game worth it? Before things get heavy, we talk about Barony, Bausack, Whitehall Mystery, and Dead Reckoning.

02:14 - Barony
13:17 - Bausack
18:07 - Whitehall Mystery
22:59 - Dead Reckoning
32:23 - Diplomacy
34:43 - War of the Ring: Second Edition
35:15 - A Feast for Odin
38:45 - Shipyard
40:03 - Vindication
41:21 - Mage Knight Board Game
42:35 - Forbidden Stars
46:59 - Food Chain Magnate
54:09 - The Great Zimbabwe

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