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Feb 1, 2024

Three hundredth episode! But no time to celebrate, we're deep in the new year now, which means it's back to your regularly scheduled podcast, and it's time to reflect on the year past, and contemplate what lays ahead for us in a post-300 world. That's right, we're paying for the crimes of last year's resolutions. Before we look a little back, but mostly forward, we talk about Orichalcum, Mino Dice, and Last Light.

01:46 - Orichalcum
12:42 - Mino Dice
20:08 - Last Light
34:34 - Revisiting Mark's 2023 Resolutions
39:24 - Revisiting Neilan's 2023 Resolutions
42:11 - Revisiting Kellen's 2023 Resolutions
45:59 - Mark's 2024 Resolutions
48:50 - Neilan's 2024 Resolutions
42:20 - Kellen's 2024 Resolutions
56:32 - BGB in 2024?

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