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Mar 20, 2024

We made it all the way to Dice Tower West in Las Vegas (and some of us made it out), and we're ready to talk about all of the amazing games we played over there, between outings for pinball and sushi. If you were there, thanks for hanging out with us! Stick around for talk about Faraway, MLEM: Space Agency, ito, Cascadero, and more!

01:08 - Faraway
12:20 - Medici
19:33 - MLEM: Space Agency
26:48 - ito
35:24 - Cascadero
44:09 - Mino Dice
49:54 - Unboxed
54:36 - Beowulf
55:55 - Of What's Left
59:53 - Hold Your Horses

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