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Sep 6, 2018

In this week's fun episode, we talk gaming etiquette, or the unspoken rules that surface when you're playing a board game. They often have nothing to do with the game itself, but what's appropriate? Should you deliberately help and hinder others at the table? Before we let the Wookiee win, we also discuss Let's Make a Bus Route, Sailing Toward Osiris, Fleet, and Founders of Gloomhaven.

01:45 - Let's Make a Bus Route
06:06 - Sailing Toward Osiris
10:10 - Fleet
15:30 - Founders of Gloomhaven
33:57 - Gaming Etiquette
39:25 - Puerto Rico
40:17 - The Resistance
41:02 - Root
42:04 - Archipelago
54:40 - Scythe